SHFH Family Program

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Mother Mobile

Beginning February 2021, SHFH will start our "Mother Mobile" program. The Mother Mobile program is a program providing maternity clothing, baby essentials, food, and clothing to expecting mothers on a monthly basis.

We will accept free-will cash donations to help cover the maintenance of the program. Items will come from public donations as well as commercial sponsors.

Based on need, items will be given at no charge.  

Mother and Son

Educational Scholarships

SHFH will offer5 to 10 scholarship awards from $500 to $1,500 per year to high school seniors & college students. The awards will be based on the student's financial need, academic accomplishments, and /or community service. The awards will be for students residing in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.


We will appoint a scholarship committee to review applications and approve awards. Relatives of key employees, board members, nor scholarship committee members will not be eligible to apply for the scholarships.


To apply for a scholarship please forward a letter of recommendation, a letter stating why you should be awarded, and supporting documents of your community service work to

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Summers Home for Hope offers a variety of programs and services that help women and children stabilize their lives.

If you are interested in helping any of our programs, please contact our office via email or call (610)769-8388

Food Packing

SHFH Food Pantry

We will expect to begin our food distribution program in the Fall of 2021. The Food Distribution program is designed to serve those in need in surrounding communities. We will provide dry goods, can food, bread, etc. on a monthly basis initially. As time progresses we will distribute food on a weekly basis.


The funding for this program will come from donations from local food stores as well as public donations. .

SHFH Clothing Closet

Beginning July 2021, SHFH Clothing Closet -  that helps disadvantaged families achieve economic independence. In addition to anyone who needs clothing to help them move to employment.  We require appointments for our clothing closet so that we can help you find the perfect outfit for your needs.

Clothing is free to those in need because as a nonprofit, we are supported by government partners, foundations, and individuals.

Appointments are available in person or online, and open to anyone in the Greater Philadelphia Region.  When you request an appointment, you will be asked to choose the type of clothing you need:

  • Professional clothing for a job search and interview

  • Business casual attire for your new job

  • Special attire such as scrubs or non-skid shoes for a specific industry or training program

  • Casual clothing to fill your closet after suffering a setback such as overcoming trauma, abuse, crisis, or incarceration

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SHFH Diaper Bank

If you are in need of diapers, please get in touch with us. Please know that some of our distribution partners use the diapers they receive from us just for their own clients.

SHFH Diaper Bank distributes diapers to other social service organizations. This model recognizes that individuals and families who need diapers or incontinence supplies most likely need other social services.

To apply to receive diapers please contact Summers Home for Hope at